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IterAxon is a consulting company that provides its investor / corporate clients with (i) M&A and fundraising transaction services - financial due diligences - and (ii) tailored financial advisory services related to operating performance monitoring and improvement, financial restructuring and part-time C.F.O.   

With seasoned consultants in most industries, IterAxon has more specifically developed a strong financial expertise in the fields of Technology (enterprise software, on-line marketplaces, FinTech, AI-based business models, IT services and hardware etc.) and Healthcare.   

With a footprint in France, IterAxon extends its services to the rest of Europe and internationally, with the aim of helping start-ups and small/mid cap companies improve their performance and investors make more appropriate decisions.


In the context of fundraising, build-up, LBO, M&A or refinancing, IterAxon provides a thorough financial analysis and audit of the performance, situation and forecasts of a targeted company.

  • Sell-side financial due diligence
  • Buy-side financial due diligence
  • Independent business review

IterAxon assists entrepreneurs, financial departments or investors in improving performance monitoring, addressing financial difficulties and preparing more reliable projections.

  • Performance monitoring: analytical accounting development, set-up of financial reportings etc.
  • Performance and cash flows projections: short-term forecasts, budget, BP preparations.
  • Part-time external C.F.O. for start-ups and small/mid cap. companies.
  • Financial training for C.E.O. / C.F.O. in SaaS-related Tech start-ups. 


Nicolas Bayle

Founding Partner

Graduated from the Master in Management at ESCP and the Executive Certificate on Strategy and Innovation at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Nicolas Bayle is a former financial auditor at EY (2007-2013), Transaction services consultant at Eight Advisory (2013-2018) and Transactions services Partner at D'Ornano+Co. (2019-2021).

Team & Talents

The team is composed of a network of experienced people in the field of financial/accounting and technologies. We are open to recruitments of people driven by passion, eager to develop, and prone to relentlessly focus on achieving ambitious objectives (click here to see our opened positions) - please send your CV and share your motivations at


Passion and a commitment to make things happen are our core value, from which all the other ones derive.

Excellence and rigor are essential, and we aim not to compromise on that in our future.